men shoes

Buy men’s fashion designer’s shoes

A number of people believe that stylish and designer shoes are meant only for women, however, this perception is wrong and erred. The market is full of fashion designer’s shoes for men, there are tons of men shoes to be…

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Buy lithotherapy stone jewellery

Lithotherapy is a Greek word that translates into a healing stone/stone treatment. The word is derived from two Greek words “Lithos” and “therapia”. Lithotherapy stones are soft in nature and serve as an unconventional medicine used to improve the daily…

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Ethical fashion

The flaws of promoting ethical fashion

When you hear of the word “fashion,” some of the things that come to mind are style and trends. However, the fashion industry involves a lot more than glamour, style, and trends. What many people consider to be fashion are…

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3 tips for an impeccable bohemian chic style

What’s bohemian style? If you are a fan of loose, colourful clothes, long hair, lace and crochet, then you may well find yourself in the codes of bohemian style. The idea is to be inspired to renew this truly timeless…

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Offer an original gift to a woman

Giving a gift to someone is one of the most symbolic gestures. A gift usually conveys a message and always pleases the recipient. However, choosing the right gift is sometimes a difficult task. Between classic gifts and original gifts, the…

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What gift to choose for her husband’s birthday?

The birthday is a perfect time to please the man you love. Giving him an original present is a great idea to mark this event. However, finding the best gift for a man is not always easy. Cost is not…

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What accessories to take to go with his electric scooter?

Once a child’s toy, the scooter has evolved to become a means of transportation for all. Electric models are becoming more and more popular and are available in several variations with different performances and specificities. To optimize the experience and…

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