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A number of people believe that stylish and designer shoes are meant only for women, however, this perception is wrong and erred. The market is full of fashion designer’s shoes for men, there are tons of men shoes to be worn for all occasions. There are a number of factors you need to consider when buying men’s fashion designer’s shoes, especially if you are the picky type. If you are enthusiastic, you have many options and types of shoes to choose from and iro shoes is your one-stop shop for all your shoe needs. You can choose from a wide array of options ranging from modern low top sneakers to classic leather Oxfords. Nevertheless, there are different factors to consider while buying men’s fashion designer’s shoes, to ensure you purchase the most stylish pair of shoes. Here is an essential guide to enable you make a conscious decision.

Quality and Versatility

The quality of anything you purchase should be a top priority, especially if one is buying a product online. Indeed, you would expect that fashion designer’s shoes would be of top and unrivalled quality, but the market space currently is full of imitations and fakes. This is another reason to buy from a trusted dealer or online store such as iro shoes Buy from trusted and renowned brands as they guarantee you service for a while. Additionally, it is important to buy a versatile pair of shoes, one that you could use for various occasions and still look stylish. An ideal versatile pair would be the IRO boots for men. Boots are versatile and would match with jeans or an official wear.

Material, Style and Colour

A combination of material, style and colour of prospective men shoes that one wants to buy makes the decision less stressful. Material for shoes are such as leather, canvas and rubbers. For the leather shoes also decide whether you want those with leather or rubber soles. For the case of style, brogue, Oxford loafer, sneaker and blucher are some of the styles you get to choose from. Each style matches with different dressing, occasions and formality levels. Lastly, there are colours such as black and brown, which generally are for formal events. Bright colours are mostly on sneakers and are for casual wear. Fashion designer’s shoes come in all manner of materials, style and colour and it is important to make the right selection.

Shoe size and Price

It is recommended that you buy a shoe that fits and is comfortable on your feet. Therefore, it is important to try on shoes if you are buying them at a physical store before purchasing them. If buying online it is important to have prior knowledge of your shoe size and distinguish between the different measuring units that is, US and UK size. Additionally, make sure you purchase shoes that are affordable in terms of prices, Affordability of a shoe is relative and depends on a person’s budget and needs for buying shoes.

Types of Trousers

The choice of shoes to be worn is dictated by the type of trousers worn. If you are wearing a suit to an official event or to the office, it is recommended that you wear black or brown Oxford or brogues. If you intend to wear casual jeans, then IRO boots for men would be the perfect matching pair of shoes to wear. Therefore, your dress code plays a huge role in determining the type of shoes you will wear and buy.

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