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Lithotherapy is a Greek word that translates into a healing stone/stone treatment. The word is derived from two Greek words “Lithos” and “therapia”. Lithotherapy stones are soft in nature and serve as an unconventional medicine used to improve the daily well-being of individuals. Back then, lithotherapy was used by ancient Egyptians, Indians, and even by the Chinese for medicine. These stones would help improve the wellbeing of an individual emotionally, physically, and mentally.

In today’s world, where medicine is dominated by technology, there is still the practice of stone treatment. When using the stone treatment, the stone crystals are ground and administered in powder form or elixir form. In other cases, the practitioner advises the patient to wear or carry a lithotherapy stone a jewel.

Advantages of lithotherapy

Litho therapy vs protection

There are numerous lithotherapy stones that are used for protection purposes. However, not all these stones offer the same protection as another would. They all serve different purposes with some emitting more protection energy than another. Since there are multiple stones available, the benefits of each stone are hard to formulate. It would need one to extensively study each stone and understand each stone’s power level. Since this is nearly impossible, here is a meek guide of the gems and how they offer protection.

When it comes to protection, Lithotherapy stones are classified into four different families based on past experience and opinions from a specialist. Each stone family has a different energy level and acts differently.

Protection by absorption

Lithotherapy stone that protects by absorption work by absorbing negative energies in the environment. As such this preserves the bearer from absorbing negative energies. When an individual absorbs too much negative energy, then they are susceptible to more harm than good. To help in such cases, people are advised to wear protection absorbing stones. These stones will purify the wearer and the environment they are in thus keeping away from harm. Examples of absorbing stones include the black tourmaline or the obsidian black.

Protection by repulsion

Repulsive stones work by repelling negative energy away from the wearer. Individuals who use these stones protect themselves by mirroring wired energy back to their sources. Since they work by repelling wired energy, these stones require their owners to be free from negative energy. This means that if you are filled with negative energy, say depressed, then bearing this stone will repel that energy back to you. An example of a repulsive stone is the eye of the tiger.

Protection by appeasement

Stones from the appeasement family are not as protective as one might think. Instead, they excel at breaking energies that lead to discomfort. These stones work by inducing calmness onto their owner thus negating them of anger. Stones in this family are good for individuals overwhelmed by stress. Examples of stones in this category include amethyst and moonstone.

Protection by radiation

The last stone in question works by influencing the energy the owner is producing. For example, if a character is moody and gloomy, then wearing this stone would cheer them up. Also, it drives one to develop a positive vibe even when they were generating negative vibes. Further, these stones help deter hostiles from causing harm to wearers. If you are planning on getting this stone, be cautious not to develop an oversized ego. Examples of radiation protection stones include the sun and hematite stone.

Lithotherapy vs harmonization

Balance is an aspect that defines life. It determines whether one is in harmony or in chaos. Whether one is emitting the right energy or negative energy. The energy we emit come from the energy centers in our body. These are then transmitted from one chakra to the next and in cycles. Starting from the crown chakra to the root chakra.

This circulation will determine the kind of balance we have mentally, physically emotionally, and even spiritually. Most imbalances occur when one is in emotional shock or falls sick. As such this raises question marks on the well-being of the individual. In most cases, the cause of this imbalance is easy to determine. However, the process of restoring back the balance is never as easy as it sounds. It needs time and effort and dedication to restore normalcy.

To restore normalcy, meditate with the seven chakra stones at the same time in a calm atmosphere. Reconnect with your inner self as you focus on the energies flowing around you and immerse yourself into deep meditation. Afterward, surrender yourself into complete serenity. Note that the process of harmonization requires you to wear the seven chakra stones in order. Also, harmonization can be achieved if you handle one chakra stone after the other.

Factors to remember when choosing Lithotherapy


The power of lithotherapy lies in belief!

While some might argue that Lithotherapy stones are similar to natural stones and pebbles, this is never the case. Lithotherapy stones are unlike any other stones and really do work wonders. These wonders however cannot occur if you don’t believe in Lithotherapy stones. One a believer, the next question is; will the stones solve all my problems, will I be a millionaire in a few days. The answer is no! None of all these wishes will happen. Do not expect too much from the stones. It is true that the stones are magical and have the power to make life better. However, they don’t have the ability to make you a millionaire in a week nor solve your problems in a jiffy. Find out more about minerals and stones at the

Choose a stone that matches your vibe

For a stone to work its magic, you must develop a personal connection to it. To establish this connection, consider going for a jewel that you really like. So, with that in mind, pick a stone that makes you happy. Pick a stone that you’d really want to wear, not on the basis of priority nor virtues or benefits you are looking for.

Picking a stone is as hard as picking a career or what to eat. If it’s done correctly then you’ll enjoy it. However, if rushed and uncertain, then you’ll end up regretting the process. To go about the process of selecting, go with a jewel that catches your eye. A stone that blends in with your style. A stone that not only charms you but also makes you happy. In turn, this will allow you to wear it with pleasure and make the most out of your stone.

Frequently asked questions

What stones represent life?

Turquoise is a stone that represents life. Turquoise is a sky-blue/ greenish-bluestone made of copper and aluminium. It is one of the oldest stones under the tanzanite category. Turquoise is known for its strengthening and empowerment capabilities. Further, it also serves as a higher guidance stone that allows bearers to live life joyfully and in peace.

What stone can heal anxiety

There are various stones that can be prescribed in cases of stress and anxiety. These can be prescribed based on physical stress levels, physiological stress levels, and behavioural stress levels. Depending on these levels, the therapist can prescribe one of the following

  • Amethyst
  • The Blue Lace Agate
  • Rose Quartz
  • The clear quartz
  • Tourmaline
  • Sodalite
  • Lepidolite
  • Shungite

Most of these stones can either be carried around in pockets or worn as jewellery. Last but not least, users can have these stones at home in various forms and designs.

How many chakra stones are there?

There seven healing/chakra stones in total. Namely: The Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, and Hematite. Each of the seven stones serves different purposes in the body and have different meanings. Each stone has a different colour and represents different parts of the body from the crown to the root. Note that these stones are at times referred by their color, functionality, and location on the body. Examples of this are the names (crown chakra, brown chakra, and base chakra).


The basis of how lithotherapy works and if it’s a superstition or not is yet to cool down. However, thanks to a series of subsequent research on how stone therapy works, we now know that there is some truth in it. Natural stones affect our well-being and can serve as physical, and emotional medicine.

Although previous documentation of how lithotherapy treatment works is hard to find, there is still hope that modern lithotherapy. This is because more and more individuals are gaining interest in lithotherapy and studying minerals used in this practice.

Lastly, even as you consider choosing lithotherapy, do not use this kind of treatment to replace modern medicine. Lithotherapy can not cure ailments. Its sole purpose is to improve our wellbeing spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

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