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Cleaning your lashes ought to be done regularly. For one thing, makeup and makeup residues may build up and become crusty around the lash region. Although this may seem gross, they’re still your lashes and need some cleaning. Here’s the…

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Contouring make-up: how to apply it?

Face contouring is defined as make-up to bring out your cheekbones, while refining your nose and chin. Without the need for a specialist, you can achieve this technique using the appropriate products and tools. Discover the details here! The first…

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What kind of hairstyle for going out at night?

Before you start choosing a hairstyle, you must at all costs take the result into account. To do so, it is strongly recommended to orient your hairstyle according to the event of your evening, your outfit and your look. It…

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How to make a smokey eye?

In order to have an intense look like a star on TV, the smokey eye is the best option. A great classic of rock and glamour, this make-up technique consists of drawing accentuated and vivid eye contours. Black is the…

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