Contouring make-up: how to apply it?

Face contouring is defined as make-up to bring out your cheekbones, while refining your nose and chin. Without the need for a specialist, you can achieve this technique using the appropriate products and tools. Discover the details here!

The first steps to follow and the materials used

First, you start using a foundation, having the same colour as your skin. From this, you manage to unify your complexion to get a good baseline. The latter allows you to freely choose the colours used for your contouring, either with lighter or darker colours. Using a foundation that is lighter than your skin is justified by the lightening of your assets by concealing your defects. While the idea of choosing a foundation darker than your skin colour helps to darken the features of your face that need to be concealed. For the first case, it is advisable to use products of the same composition (powder or cream), but not a mixture of the two. For the second case, avoid using two shades darker than your skin. In all cases, the use of the appropriate appliances is essential; the different shades mixed well will make your make-up look rather natural. Opt for a large brush applicator or blender instead of a small brush. If you don't have a brush, make sure that the warmth of your fingers makes it easier to apply makeup, especially if you're using a creamy foundation.

The second steps of facial contouring

To start, you style your hair in a ponytail to avoid dropping a strand of hair on your face. Next, you use a foundation that matches your skin colour. Fingers and the brush applicator are ideal for applying a thin layer to your face. This application goes to the top of the forehead and under the chin. During this step, don't forget to apply under the eyes and on the areas to be concealed. You can apply either a lighter or a darker foundation. For the finishing touch, you are free to choose between using creamy illuminators, a finishing powder or applying blush!

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