How to make a smokey eye?

In order to have an intense look like a star on TV, the smokey eye is the best option. A great classic of rock and glamour, this make-up technique consists of drawing accentuated and vivid eye contours. Black is the main colour of the smokey eye, known by another name: "smokey eye". In addition, other shades can be added in this style of make-up to sublimate the look. Mysterious and glamorous, dress your eyes with this style to refine your look in winter. However, making a smokey eye requires a variety of vanity and accessories to achieve a good contour. In addition, this style of makeup requires a basic knowledge of colour so as not to make any false notes.

What is a "smokey eye" and why should we adopt this style?

The term "smokey" refers to smoke. This is why this style of make-up is called "smokey eyes" because it embodies a dark hue around the eyes. The smokey eye is the emblematic style of rock and roll and is dressed in black and greyish. At a party, adopt this makeup style to bring a glamorous and elegant touch to your look. In addition, the smokey eye borrowed by movie stars is part of the everyday life of makeup fans. So any occasion is a good opportunity to try this great look.

The essential tools to make a smokey eye

The smokey eye technique requires a few tools in order to properly apply different shades around the eyes. Indeed, the first accessory to have is a very greasy eyelash pencil perfectly tracing the halo. You can also use an eyeliner or an eye shadow to accentuate the smokey eye. In addition, you also need a foundation for a perfect makeup. In addition, brushes are indispensable tools for working on your smokey eye. Don't forget the Eyeshadow and the multi-effect palette to make your eyes look even more radiant. On the other hand, lip glosses can also have their place to pearl your eyebrows.

Steps to follow in order to draw your makeup smokey effect

The first step to a successful smokey eye is to thoroughly cleanse your face, especially the eye contours, with a toning lotion that is compatible with your skin type. Then, if you adopt the traditional smokey eye, draw a line on the fringe of the lashes with a greasy eyeliner or eyeliner. Afterwards, to add a little more effect to your makeup, refine the lower part of your eyes with a brush and an eye shadow in a creamy colour such as powdered rose or glittery beige. Above the eyes, add dark shades at the tip of each eye to enhance your super glamorous look. In the centre and above your upper lashes, opt for shades that are less dark than those at the ends. For example, golden brown or silver grey make a good match with the smokey eye makeup model. And finally, under your eyebrow, add a more or less thin layer of slightly light make-up. Smokey eye wet look is also becoming a popular make-up style these days. It's actually about putting a wet touch on the eyelids. This "wet" style brings a singular and refined look to your evening outfit. To add this wet effect, soak the tip of one of your fingers with a transparent or pearly gloss and then put it on your eyelid. Then, powder your eyelids and apply a touch of gloss again in the original locations. Another technique to achieve the wet effect smokey eye is to use glossy or metallic eye shadows.

A colour palette for all ages and all eye colours

The smokey eye make-up trend is moving towards slightly darker colours such as blue. In addition, the choice of colours should be in harmony with skin tones as well as eye colours. In halo, opt for golden, brown or orange eyeshadows with your blue eyes. On the other hand, green eyes harmonize with purple tones. Finally, if you have dark colours, they can afford any complexion, mainly grey and green. Every age has its own smokey eye! Under thirty, you can play with a variety of shades. Purple, green and electric blue are perfect complexions. However, if you are over 30, the smokey eye should be intensified for a vintage and elegant look. You never forget your lips when you apply makeup! But to avoid the "too much" bet on nude or petal pink lipsticks to counterbalance all the make-up. Say no to bright, dark lips that amplify the dark look of the smokey.

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