What accessories to take to go with his electric scooter?

Once a child's toy, the scooter has evolved to become a means of transportation for all. Electric models are becoming more and more popular and are available in several variations with different performances and specificities. To optimize the experience and combine safety and comfort of navigation, it is recommended to use electric scooter accessories. But which accessories to choose? Here is a list to help you find your way around and make the best choices.

What are the essential accessories for electric scooters?

Having good tires is one of the little comforts that you get when you invest in an electric scooter. Even though the scooter always comes with tires, there are times when you may want to replace them with larger, better quality or puncture-proof tires. Also, although it's not mandatory to wear a helmet on an electric scooter, it's at the top of the electric scooter accessory rankings. It is strongly recommended that you wear a helmet to ensure optimum protection for your head in the event of a road accident. In addition, the LED is essential to be well seen when riding at night. It is attached to the front of the handlebars. It is preferable to choose a white light for a perfect visibility among motorists and pedestrians. To ensure your safety and that of others, if your scooter does not yet have a horn, it is advisable to invest in a horn.

What accessories are needed for the safety of an electric scooter?

As accessories for electric scooters to ensure the security of your two-wheeled vehicle, there are padlocks and anti-theft devices that not only deter a potential thief from stealing the scooter, but also prevent him from stealing it if he is motivated to try. For example, a handcuff lock can be considered. Robust and practical, it is very suitable for electric scooters and can be used to attach them in a matter of seconds to any street furniture. It is also possible to opt for a magnetic GPS chip. In the event of scooter theft, it helps to track any vehicle and find it safely. This tracker is one of the accessories for electric scooters that do not require any special installation. It could be placed on the fork, above the front wheel of the scooter.

What other power scooter accessories may be useful?

To make your trips more comfortable, why not use a backpack? There are a wide variety of backpacks available to either store the electric scooter after use or to carry with certain personal belongings (clothes, laptop, batteries, chargers, etc.). It would be smart to opt for a reflective backpack to ensure visibility. Other electric scooter accessories that may be useful include a mask. Although it is not mandatory, wearing an anti-pollution sports mask is recommended for cyclists and motorcyclists. It filters dust and chemicals from the air for optimal protection. Furthermore, for safety reasons, it is not possible to keep your smartphone in your pocket while riding an electric scooter. Therefore, it is recommended that you use phone holders on electric scooters. They are very practical and allow you to keep a mobile device safely in your pocket while you are on the move. Also, to avoid getting dirty, it is advisable to install a mudguard, one of the accessories for electric scooters, which is very useful for keeping clean and stylish.

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