3 tips for an impeccable bohemian chic style

What's bohemian style?

If you are a fan of loose, colourful clothes, long hair, lace and crochet, then you may well find yourself in the codes of bohemian style. The idea is to be inspired to renew this truly timeless bohemian chic style. Fringes, floral prints, colorful patterns and laces are popular, but not to look like everyone else and not to fall into the too-much, it is necessary to know how to dose and bring a little renewal.

Tip 1: Quality fabric

Whether it's your top, the scarf you slip into your hair or your skirt, the best choice is to opt for a quality fabric. Badly made lace quickly fades, the cheap hook is easily distended.Photo close-up of a bohemian-style woman, centred on the bust In addition, when a garment is not of quality, it will give the impression that you are choosing your clothes at the corner market.

Tip 2: Colour harmony

For the bohemian style to work, you must match the prints and above all not opt for overly colourful clothes. The important thing is in the detail, and the older and a bit outdated the fabric looks, the more easily it will fit into this dress code. For example, bright colours can be worn, but be careful not to look like a parrot! Everything is in harmony, make sure you choose only one or two patterns and don't go over the three colours. White is also your friend, especially for lace: it will bring a bit of the chic you are looking for and will stand out on your printed fabrics.

Tip 3: Buy online and check return conditions

To become unique thanks to this style, you can wander the streets of your city, take advantage of the opportunity to stroll but the best is still to search for your outfits on the Internet. Indeed, you will waste less time and will succeed in spreading out less. The rare pearl is hard to find, especially since clothes with fringes and bohemian prints are not the most common clothes in stores. By searching online, you'll save precious hours. But beware of the return conditions: the Internet is a precious shopping ally, but you may have unpleasant surprises regarding the real sizes and colours of the outfits you buy. So pay attention to the small print and make sure you find out about it. Have a great day, and stay chic!

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