Why and how to do relaxation?

Relaxation is a technique that helps you feel better, reduce stress and focus on yourself. This indispensable technique to recharge your batteries can be practiced by anyone at any time. You will discover here the reasons to practice relaxation and relaxation and the techniques to adopt.

Reasons to relax

As mentioned above, practicing relaxation eliminates tension, fatigue... It allows you to focus on yourself or refocus on body and mind. It is an effective technique to recover good quality sleep. It gives you relaxation and good concentration. Because of this practice, our blood circulates better and irrigates our organs. All this creates balance in our nervous system.

Techniques to adopt

Here are some ideas on various techniques that are highly recommended for relaxation. First, breathing through the belly, by sucking in a reasonable amount of air through the nose and exhaling it through the mouth. In fact, you concentrate by focusing your attention on your belly. Here is an example of a simple gesture, you lower your head while looking at your belly. Practically, according to the explanations of the sages, good breathing is a sign of quality of life. Then, massage is a good practice to relax and loosen the muscles. An hour of gentle massage on parts of the body is a better way to relax the muscles. Don't neglect to listen to relaxing music. All that said, drink a good amount of herbal tea. If you can practice relaxation techniques such as yoga at home, remember to coordinate your breathing, your breath with the movements, so that the blood circulates normally and the brain and muscles are better oxygenated the brain and muscles. Physically, this technique strengthens the joints and strengthens the back. Laugh to release tension and stress. Surround yourself with positive individuals. Of course, our pace of life sometimes prevents us from taking the time to relax. However, relaxing or taking time out to relax is essential to avoid worries and its serious consequences. It is through concentration that we release the tensions in our body. A better harmonization of our interior is based on our concentration. Think of formulas, gestures or movements!

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