Urban arts: graffiti, rap, slam, hip-hop…

In the family of urban cultures, we often talk about urban arts and graffiti. These are two closely related terms that are difficult to give their respective meanings. If you read this article, it will inform you about these two terms and the winner of the 2018 graffiti award.

Urban arts: graffiti and street art

If we refer to the urban arts, we are talking about art forms relating to the city. They talk about art, designed for the urban environment, in public places or in the street. This art that is otherwise called street art is part of the contemporary art movements. It encompasses many techniques such as quick graffiti on the wall. The latter is a technique that leaves a trace, it aims to mark an inscription. It is the manifestation of the self, it conveys a message: I have been through this place or this place. This artistic technique is the meaning of a disinterested personal expression. Urban art is the expression of ″ ephemeral art ″. In terms of design, ″ ephemeral art ″ is a work whose disappearance or deterioration is known in advance by its author, whatever its causes, natural elements... In fact, it is about the ephemeral in art or the ephemeral of the work we are talking about.

Doudou'style: the winner of the 2018 graffiti award

They are three, who won the 2018 graffiti awards, Doudou'style, SAYPE artiste and Ioye one. For DOUDOU'STYLE, he was beginning to be interested in this artistic technique, after taking the train to Paris, where he saw trains and walls graffitied; this from the moment he entered the prep school. He left school after only one year. He wanted to enter public art schools, but this new project became an impossible journey for him. As a result, he realized that he could do it on his own, which is why he became self-taught. He gained knowledge with the help of his friends and many artists he met. The panda is the basis of most of his works because of the quiet strength that this animal has, both docile and fierce. Its spots symbolize mourning, the black that surrounds its eyes comes from its tears, on the other hand, those on its arms are a sign of comfort.

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